I have been a stock Corvette C6 all my life, until some guy called Aaron Losey picked me up and sold me to a couple of crazy Germans. Suddenly all my interiour gets ripped out or torn apart to fit a 6 point cage in me. A few days later I find myself on a transporter going from Texas to Colorado to Levi's shop. Being surrounded by BMWs this felt eerie.

I finally met those two evil Germans who got me into this. New clutch, steering angle kit, oil cooler, ehandbrake, race seat and belt. Being a Corvette, there is not much needed to turn me into a driftcar. But I can be a bitch to work on!

So why am I called Electric Yellow? Well, I guess Yellow is pretty obvious. Electric I was called, because of all the Corvettes - and pretty much every other car on driftweek 5 - I was the most quiet one. Sure made the 7.000 km a lot nicer and less deaf-causing as the trumpet 350Z with aftermarket exhaust.